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The Zinedine Zidane of Woy Woy
June 11, 2008, 1:28 am
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It matters not that the Della Boscas abuse of that power is the stuff of low-rent suburban parody, involving table placings at a Central Coast brasserie. If anything, it’s the lowness of their conduct and Ms Neal’s histrionics at such a mundane request, that casts them as such a farcical power-hungry duo.

Today, in a tangential twist on the restaurant story, with its threats of reprisals, the revoking of liquor licences and dark inquiries of ‘don’t you know who I am?’ to kids earning minimum wage, we see another, equally unpleasant side of Ms Neal – the soccer yob, the Zinedene Zidane of Woy Woy, rubbed out for two weeks after sinking the boot into a woman half her age.

Journalism may be the poorer for their absence but public life will be more civilised and sedate.

Mr Della Bosca has done his dash by covering up his and his wife’s bullying, and neither deserve to play an ongoing role in our parliaments.

The Daily Telegraph editorialises on the matter of John Della Bosca and his “arse-kicking” wife.


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