The Art of the Australian Insult

Why hasn’t Kevin Rudd saved all the world’s problems yet?
June 18, 2008, 9:17 am
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“True, there have been some encouraging recent signs. For instance, Rudd last week threw centuries of received wisdom about oil and flammability to the wind by pledging to “take a blowtorch” to OPEC over rising fuel prices – a good start, if only for the visual spectacle it would produce.

But more needs to be done. John Della Bosca must be put to work on a pedal power generator. Belinda Neal should be harnessed for liquefied natural gas. And Rudd himself must put more effort into exploring his own electorate for oil deposits. Today Saudi Arabia, tomorrow the federal seat of Griffith…

Finally, the Australian people expect the Rudd Government to ensure water security for the downstream states of the Mekong river basin, simplify the Central African Republic’s tax code, make Hungarian football competitive again and get Iron Chef back on SBS on Saturday nights. Strictly speaking, none of these things was promised at the last election. But that’s no excuse.”



Aaron Timms can’t understand why Kevin Rudd hasn’t saved the entire world and solved all of its problems yet.


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