The Art of the Australian Insult

“What country are we living in?”
July 2, 2008, 10:13 am
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If nothing else, World Youth Day is proving a goldmine of insults from readers of the Sydney Morning Herald incensed by the sweeping powers of police and volunteer marshals to prevent any kind of protest or “annoyance” of the marchers:

“Despite being a contented heathen, I am driven by sheer outrage to take up the mantle (and T-shirt) of every other religion and march proudly through the streets of our secular city” (Bianca Nogrady, Neutral Bay)

“Will it be an offence to wear a T-shirt that says “I’m praying for rain”?” (Phil Radford, Paddington)

“I barely have enough breath left in me after reading the paper to ask: what country are we living in?” (George Shaw, Chatswood)

“Please, no more of the tongue-in-cheek tone frequently adopted by this paper’s reporting of World Youth Day. Transgress once more against the sanctity of the event and we are likely to have regulations imposed to mandate reverential coverage, non-compliant journalists sent to re-education camps, cartoonists crucified and the addresses of irreverent letter-writers supplied to the police.” (Robyn Prygoda, Nowra)

There’s even a dig at the transport system:

“So anyone who annys or inconveniences pilgrims will face a $5500 fine? I hope the State Government is prepared for how much this is going to cost CityRail.” (Eliot Cohen, Roseville)

and from the SMH itself:

“The assumption that participants in such an event need to be protected from embarassment is misplaced, repugnant and dangerous.”


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