The Art of the Australian Insult

Day of the wombats
July 4, 2008, 8:50 am
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News that treasury secretary Ken Henry was spending his break looking after hairy-nosed wombats led to the inevitable jokes, with the odd whinge about working families (also inevitable), in the Telly. Two of the more obvious cracks:

“Well, everyone’s entitled to holidays; so what’s wrong with looking after wombats. The Rudd Government looks across the room ‘at em in Parliament.” (Paul Dalton)

“When he said he was off to help save the endangered species, Kev naturally assumed Ken Henry was being seconded to the NSW Government.” (Phil)

Rebecca Kenny thought it was all very unfair:

“When was the last time “working families” had the chance to take five weeks’ holiday to spend with their children, let alone wombats…It is a disgrace that this public servant throws his “well deserved” break in the face of those who are struggling. That PM Rudd defends this action is even more insulting. Labor, you do not represent me and you do not operate in the same reality of the majority of the Australian people.”


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