The Art of the Australian Insult

I’m proud to be a maggot
July 4, 2008, 12:47 am
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MELBOURNE was riveted yesterday afternoon when broadcaster Derryn Hinch became involved in a slanging match with underworld figure Mick Gatto.

Gatto rang after Hinch had ranted about gangster wives Roberta Williams, Judy Moran and the Carlton crew. “You are scum, and I tell you what, I have got a punching bag at home with your name on it and I punch the shit out of it,” he growled at the 3AW star. Hinch was undeterred: “If burning you is my job in life, I will be more than happy to do it. I think you and all your ilk and all your mob and the Carlton crew and the Carl Williamses of this world, you are all scum.” Gatto returned fire: “It is ratbags like you that sort of put me in the limelight when I want to be left alone and mind my own business and get on with my life. But I can’t because I have got maggots like you driving me mad.” DH: “If I could go to my grave being called a maggot by a person like Mick Gatto, boy, I am proud of myself.” MG: “Well, I hope you go to your grave very quick, mate. That is where you deserve to be, because you are a maggot.” DH: “Yeah, you live in that world where people go to their graves quickly, don’t you?” MG: “You will be one of them. You will be one of them very soon, mate.”

As reported by D.D. McNicoll.


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Mick is a fucken dog he should be locked up for killing benji and mick would kill derryn he could get of with self defence again

Comment by Mozz

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