The Art of the Australian Insult

A bunch of childish idiots

“It’s safe to say that he [Henson] thinks they’re a bunch of idiots of bringing this up again.”

An “art insider” is quoted on the rumpus over the nude photograph of a six year old girl as featured on the cover of Art Monthly Australia. The quote appears in a Daily Telegraph article headlined “Even art world slams cheap childish stunt”. Unfortunately for Henson, he has already been linked to the issue, as evident in the following letter to the same paper:

“So Mr Henson now has support from another quarter to add to the artsy drivel that came from Cate Blanchett and Malcolm Turnbull, who both threw their hands up in horror insisting that Henson’s right to free expression was being denied to him.

When are these so-called defenders of civil liberties going to realise that there is a society out thee that is more interested in protecting the young and vulnerale among us, than listening to their ego-driven self-centred complaints.”


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Isn’t it possible to get your point across in a more professional manner?

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