The Art of the Australian Insult

Make Belinda minister of child nudity

Today’s Daily Telegraph brings with it several letters in response to the nude picture of six year old Olympia Nelson on the cover of Art Australia Monthly. Interestingly enough, given the decidedly hostile tone of the newspaper’s own coverage of the issue, most of the letter writers thought it was all a bit ridiculous:

“I am still struggloing with the fact that a picture of the child could conjure up images of pronogrpahy, depravity, sex or obscenity in any reasonable person’s mind.”

writes grandfather of five Saul Moss, who adds that it’s “a storm in a teacup”. G. Bears wonders about people who see anything sexual in a six year old:

“Hey, Mr Rudd, it’s a six-year-old child. OK, she’s got no clothes on, but if you think it’s “disgusting”, you’re as sick as the old pervs who think it’s sexy.”

Neville Ridge is also annoyed by Kevin Rudd:

“I thought priggery had gone about as far as it could go under John Howard and some of his ministers but they were nothing when compared to the religious prudery we are now being subjected to by Kevin Rudd. Lighten up Kevin. what will you complain about next – nude pictures of babies?”

Perhaps the best summary of the involvement of politicians in matters of moral urgency is provided by Con Hallias, who writes:

“I totally agree with our political leaders. We should ban all nude child photos. I am sick and tired of my mother marching out the old photographs of me on a rug, having a bath, running through the sprinklers. Give it up, Mum – everyone knows I was a cute baby.

I think we should allow our politicians to run every aspect of our lives. After all, they are our moral superiors, aren’t they?  I nominate Belinda Neal for minister of child nudity.”


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