The Art of the Australian Insult

Aggressive, insensitive, brash, arrogant, pompous etc
July 16, 2008, 12:05 am
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“My impressions of Germaine Greer are that she is aggressive, insensitive, brash, arrogant, pompous and self-opinionated. She lacks a grain of humility or modesty…I have to go now because I need to make dinner for my hubby, who is out working his guts out whilst I while away my time writing about this nonsense on a Monday morning.”

Bev Green of Yokine, WA writes to The Australian* in response to reports about a play inspired by venerable Australian feminist Germaine Greer. The Female of the Species by Joanne Murray-Smith features scenes based on events in Greer’s life.  Greer had responded to news of the production by saying:

“Murray-Smith is an insane reactionary who boasts that she has not read a single feminist text. She holds feminism in contempt. They call this a comedy. What actually happened was a tragedy. What are they doing putting this play on in the West End of all places?”

* Interesting that Bev prepares dinner for her hubby in the morning. Is he expected to heat it up in the microwave after returning from working his guts out?


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