The Art of the Australian Insult

Kevin Rudd rips money out of the pockets of Australians!
July 16, 2008, 5:24 am
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“This fool is not governing for Australians – all he is doing is indulgin in his own fantasies – sending our money overseas when it is obvious that it is desperately needed here.

He appears determined to bring thid country to its needs by embracing climate change so he can make a name for himself by fostering the belief that he is leading the world in attacking the unproven greenhouse gas problem. All he is doing is ripping money out of our pockets so he can indulge in useless symbolism.

His is an ego we cannot afford and one which will send more Australian businesses broke, make more people unemployed and have families tossed out of their homes.”

Robert Scott writes to the Daily Telegraph. Others are on the same page, both literally and figuratively:

“Kevin Rudd’s journey through fantasyland continues…He seems hell-bent on sending us broke pursuing the perversion of fact by ideology.” Paul Ford.

“Kevin Rudd remains the future PM because of his obsession with the future…What we wanted was a PM focused on improving how we are living now…If the world is getting hotter it will be a godsend as more people will be homeless and the basic cost of living goes through the roof.” Alan Hampson.

“Is this guy for real?…While the nation slips further down the drain with higher fuel price,s higher interest rates and homeowners being evicted in increasing numbers, this idiot wants to play Nero while Rome burns. Can someone in Canberra please give him a slap up the side of his head before it’s too late.” Paul.

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