The Art of the Australian Insult

Stop being so cranky
July 16, 2008, 4:40 am
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“I think most of Australia was enjoying, delighting in the beauty and goodness of these young people … rather than dwelling crankily as a few people are doing on old wounds.”

World Youth Day coordinator Bishop Anthony Fisher responds to questions about a pair of Melbourne sisters who were repeatedly raped by a priest when in primary school. One committed suicide at the age of 26 earlier this year, while the other drank heavily and is disabled after being hit by a drunk driver nine years ago. Their father is seeking an audience with the Pope and wants an assurance that the church will change the way it deals with sex abuse claims.


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I think the Bishop’s comment was very insensative. I wonder if that is what he felt about the issue or was it someone else’s feeling?

Christianity’s roots stem from Judaism. look what a website on Judaism says;

“Clarity or death.” “Death” is the complete absence of consciousness; reduced consciousness is therefore partial death.

A wise person asks questions. And a wise person looks for answers.

The best defense against abuse is to question what you see. Use your intellect to uncover inconsistencies, irregularities and rationalizations.

Preaching is giving over information with fire and brimstone, without paying attention to what your audience is feeling. A preacher instructs: “I’m the authority…I’ll straighten you out… Accept what I say… Don’t question… Park your mind… Listen to me… Obey me!”
Preaching is being a demigod, getting people excited and overwhelmed and moving them with an emotional sway. That’s not teaching. That’s brainwashing. And that is totally not the Jewish”

Comment by Deanna Leonti

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