The Art of the Australian Insult

Australians teach “unsavoury” English
July 17, 2008, 12:59 am
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As reported by a Hong Kong resident who reads the print edition of the The Nation (the article, sadly, is not available online):

“The sensible (at times) and always loving Thai’s have banned all Australians from teaching English in Thailand as of last week.

“They have decided that Australians just can’t speak English well enough to pass muster. Australian teachers “pass on very bad language habits to students”. They also saw Australian pronunciation as “unsavoury” and the usage of “expletives excessive”, all leading to “very badly taught students”. So decided to ban the lot of them.
This has affected thousands of Australian English teachers, many who supplement retirement in Thailand with English lessons, who must now leave Thailand and find jobs elsewhere as they can either not afford to stay or will no longer be able to get a work visa as English teachers.”

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Wow. Just…wow.

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