The Art of the Australian Insult

Parsley on the fishes and loaves
July 22, 2008, 8:29 am
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And yet more World Youth Day commentary, this time from the august pages of The Australian:

“The only infallible Pope I know is my old washing machine. Hasn’t missed a beat in 20 years amd has no dirty washing to apologise for.” Peter West, WA.

“I enjoy bread and circuses. Now the Pope has gone, can we have throwing Labor to the lions to maximise the use of our former Olympic facilities?” Michael Stanbridge, NSW.

“Can we have our secular Oz back please?”

pleads John Wilson of Tasmania. Lyall Chittleborough gets all philosophical:

“If faith is a further step beyond the possibilities of reason, it commands respect, and offers some sound basis for life choices, but clap-happy, gingered up gala events do little to foster the intelligent approach required for life in the modern world – and even less for the credibility of the institution which claims to have answers to life’s great questions.”

“Why am I reminded of parsley on fish?”

Ken Craig, SA, is not impressed by the Pope’s apology to victims of sexual abuse.  And some, like Warwick Hempel, writing to the avcowecdly pro-WYD Daily Telegraph, just can’t be convinced to part with their cynicism:

“Catholic World Youth Day is finally over, thank Christ. What a big pity he could not pick up the bill.”

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