The Art of the Australian Insult

“At least there’s a cure for madness”
July 28, 2008, 3:38 am
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NSW Treasurer and manic depressive Michael Costa issues a challenge to critics who differ with him on the issue of privatising electricity in the state:

“Say it publicly, ‘Costa’s wrong on electriciuty because he’s mad’ and put your name to it. Mood disorder at least is a legitimate illness – they haven’t found a cure for stupidity. If people resort to personal attacks it’s a sign of weakness in their own arguments.”


Costa seems to be referring, obliquely at least, to the immortal words of fellow depressive Winston Churchill, who was once told off for being drunk and responded by reminding his critic that she would still be ugly in the morning, when he would be sober. Two reader responses to the article are worth quoting, the first from the appropriately named Lynda Voltz, the second from Zane Alcorn:

“I don’t recall Michael Costa’s mental illness being raised as the driving force behind the privatisation of electricity in NSW. But I will say this – he is delusional. ”

“I’m not an ALP member but I’ll happily call you mad for it – made as a cut snake., bonkers as a banana. It has nothing to do with your illness and everything to do with your proximity to big business, mate.”


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