The Art of the Australian Insult

Wogs in wog cars
July 31, 2008, 4:02 am
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“I was in a suburban shopping centre car park the other day, singing along to a favourite song on the radio with my four year old son in the back seat, and I forgot to put my indicator on when turning. A young man in a delivery van pulled up beside me and screamed, “Go back where you came from, you fucking wog i your fucking wog car.”My son wondered what a “wog” was andIwondered whena Holden Commedore had become a wog car?”

Alice Khat, Ryde, letter to the Sydney Morning Herald. She had related the anecdote in response to an article  by Elizabeth Farrelly, who was shocked by the racism she encountered in Redfern:

“I’m walking the dog. It’s evening rush hour, near Redfern station. A young couple wobbles by like escapees from a three-legged race, giggling because she has new, less-than-sensible shoes and at day’s end can barely walk. “Take them off,” I suggest. He glares, wondering perhaps which “them” I mean. I smile, add “go barefoot”. He focuses momentarily, decides I’m harmless (wrong), answers for her: “Not round here. Not with the Abos everywhere, all the needles in the streets. Be all right when they get rid of the blacks.”

Giggling, they hobble off. I check the blacktop. No needles. Of course, or I wouldn’t have let the dog out unshod. But I’m shocked all the same.”

Clearly, the toilets on Cockatoo Island coopted by aboriginal artist Vernon Ah Kee for the Sydney Biennale, with their racist graffiti scrawled across the filthy walls, are not as far from our current reality as we would liketo think they are.


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