The Art of the Australian Insult

The Olympic spirit
August 5, 2008, 3:25 am
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Comments by the Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates, in his quest for more funding lest Australia slip down the medals table, drew several negative responses from readers of the Sydney Morning Herald, who felt that Coates was not exactly promoting the Olympic spirit:

“Shock! Horror! John Coates says Australia won’t net the same number of medals as in Athens four years ago. Apparently this is something Australians should be distressed about. I thought the Olympics was about participation and friendship, not which country wins the most medals. What an appalling culture we are breeding.” Rose Panidis.

“The gold medal for naked self interest and breathtaking cynicism goes to John Coates.” Stuart Miller.

“Perhaps some federal programs, such as rescuing the Murray-Darling, or carbon emissions reduction schemes, could be pruned or canned to find this money. Then we can watch those all-important medals rolling in.” Joan Brown.

As for the televising of the games:

“I hope the ABC proves there is more life than sport and jingoism.” Robert Pallister.

“Three days until the opening ceremony and I’m sick of the Olympics already.” Steve Barrett.


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