The Art of the Australian Insult

“Wear a knife-proof vest”
September 9, 2008, 5:43 am
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What will NSW residents whinge about now that Morris Iemma and Michael Costa have left the building? For the moment, they will celebrate the fact that he is gone:

“It is indeed a happy day for NSW to be finally rid of the useless Iemma and his dummy-spitting treasurer.” Paul Carson, Westmead, letter to the Daily Telegraph.

Others are offering advice to Iemma’s replacement:

“The first bit of advice one should offer new Premier Nathan Rees is to buy himself a rear-vision mirror and be fitted for a knife-proof vest, as all his “loyal” political mates (for now) are right behind him.” Vic Emerton, Chester Hill, letter to the Daily Telegraph.

Carmel Tebbutt, the new deputy premier, also comes in for comment:

“What an inspiration Ms Tebbutt is to all of us. Carmel relinquished her ministry to look after Nathan. Now she has returned – to babysit another one!” John Flett, Wangi.

NSW voters seem largely unimpressed by the new cabinet, otherwise known as Rees’s Pieces:

“Roozendaal? Tripodi? Some clean-out. Yet agaoin state Labor gas shown their contempt for NSW, serving the factions first and foremost, the party second and the voters a dim and distant third.” Paul Henreid, Sydney.

“Minister for this, minister for that – talk about jobs for boys and girls.” Jimmy, Sydney.

“One bunch of idiots replaced by another bunch of idiots.” Peter, Sydney.

Many observers have commented on the fact that Nathan Rees was once a garbage collector:

“Same rubbish – different stink.” Alex, Syney.

“Despite his professional experience as a garbo, new Premier Nathan Rees is yet to show his aptitude to clean out the rubbish in the state ministry.” Steve Edgetton, Leumeah.

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