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The Costello kerfuffle
September 12, 2008, 12:24 am
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Readers of The Australian offer their views on Peter Costello’s declaration, on the eve of launching his memoirs,  that he will not be challenging for the leadership of the Liberals:

THE present kerfuffle about Peter Costello and that book exposes the rank hypocrisy of this fervent advocate of Work Choices. Pursuing his punitive industrial relations agenda, Costello raged against workers’ “rorts” which were supposedly detrimental to the operation of their employers’ businesses.

Hanging around and collecting a parliamentary salary while you are writing a book, and treating your continued presence or departure from your job as something that is no business of the Australian public, who are, after all, your employers, is the ultimate rort and an insult to all those hard-working Australians Costello so happily maligned when he was in government.

Mira Toglin
Penrith South, NSW

PETER Costello has indicated he will leave parliament when he is good and ready. Since he clearly represents his constituents on a part-time basis, perhaps his parliamentary salary could be reduced to reflect the proportion of his energies devoted to serving them.

Jen Woodcombe
St Clair, NSW

WE might sometimes doubt the efficacy of Thailand’s democracy, but the decision of the Constitutional Court to throw the country’s prime minister out of office because he accepted payment for private work while being in public office, is perhaps an example that we could well learn from.

Langford B. White
Rose Park, SA


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