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Not guts, only a gutful
September 15, 2008, 2:54 am
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“We’ve had a gutful of him. What on Earth is he doing?”


Senior Liberal MP quoted by the Sun-Herald. Another is quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a visit from a few people telling him to pull his head in. He’s killing us.”


Paul Daley has a similar view:


“For months now the Liberals have been hostage to one man’s vanity as they confront the torturous mundane reality that is opposition. They will only become an effective opposition and a credible alternative government when they adequately deal with the past.”


Kerry-Anne Walsh dismisses Costello’s stoking of the flames of leadership speculation as an “appalling marketing ploy to flog his overpriced memoirs which, at $55, are probably torpedoing straight to the remainder bins.”

“No guts, no glory. So no glory to Peter. What a crying shame Costello’s legacy will be as a bloke who teased his party and the public  after the 2007 election with the mirage of him as a possiblefuture leader, when the suspicious signposts point to it being all about selling books. A disgraceful finale indeed.”

 Then there is this missive from SMH reader Tony Nicod of Mona Vale, which appeared on Monday September 15:

“I have numerous books about men who have displayed courage and leadership, combined with human frailties. Even if given a free copy of Costello’s book, why would I bother to read about a whingeing, spineless, gutless wimp? In the words of Wyatt Earp, Peter, “you talk too much for a fighting man”.


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