The Art of the Australian Insult

What could possibly go wrong?
September 15, 2008, 2:45 am
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A collection of thoughts on the NSW government:

“Come on all you doubters, what could possibly go wrong? We have Sergeant Schultz (“I heard nothing; I saw nothing”) running the State, we have the Invisible Man running the Treasury, Constable Plod has Transport, Rambo has Health and Tinkerbell is in charge of Education. As I said, what could possibly go wrong?”


Sunday Telegraph reader J Forwood of Medowie. In the same paper, David J. Syme of Mollymook writes:


“If our new Premier (what’s his name) wants to make a fist of running what’s left of this once-great state, he should stay away from things politicians don’t understand – such as working for a living – and concentrate on what they are all good at: blinding us with science and baffling us with bullshit.”

“What a train wreck this State Government is. It’s the worst government in state history, that’s 154 years. And remember you people from Newcastle. You voted them in.”


So writes Telegraph reader Gary Pierpoint of Dubbo. Sun-Herald reader Phil Herd of Kangaloon has a slightly different perspective on who’s to blame:

“NSW may have the worst Government in Australia but one of the reasons for that is it also has the worst Opposition.”






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