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Big swinging dicks just dickheads
September 18, 2008, 1:43 am
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Readers of The Australian reflect on the global financial crisis:

“Work wanted: financial engineer and investment banker, willing to start at the bottom. Great with numbers, well, multiplying them anyway.”
Nathan Johnson
Hawthorn East, Vic

FOR years, analysts from Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch passed judgment on the financial viability of the world’s large and small corporations. These same people have now led their banks into insolvency in the case of the former and a rescue sale in the case of Merrill Lynch.

I don’t know if the right emotion is chagrin or pathos, but to the layman it says a lot about the expertise and judgment of financial analysts, who, when all is said and done, appear to have no more skill, insight or talent than the average casino punter.

Tim Slee, Riverview, NSW

 “So the self-styled “masters of the universe” and “big swinging dicks” of the financial world have proven themselves to be merely grossly overpaid, garden-variety “dickheads”, as many of us have long suspected.”
Don Richards
Grays Point, NSW

Malcolm Turnbull must be the only merchant banker in the world to get a promotion this week.
Warwick Airey
Claremont, WA

THERE has been gross misfeasance and malfeasance by Australian governments over the current global financial turmoil. All the watchdogs were fast asleep. The corporate cowboys awarded themselves salaries in the millions of dollars. Many of them have already done a runner. Corporate Australia and lazy politicians have caused the present disaster. My superannuation has been ruined, not because of any choices of mine, but because greedy finance houses chose to invest in loans to people who could never afford to repay them.
Ian MacFarlane
Balliang East, Vic


DEREGULATION of banking and finance, started in the 1980s on the premise that the chooks would prosper if foxes were in charge, has been debunked with the drama unfolding on Wall Street. Self-funded retirees in Australia have little choice now except to join the queue for the old-age pension. It is time for the Rudd Government to bring back some sane financial regulation for the well-being of the next generation.
Bill Mathew
Parkville, Vic

WHAT a marvellous capitalist world we live in. When the market races ahead, the “entrepreneurs” take their profits and tell government to butt out. When it collapses, the government (read taxpayers) bails out the market. Not that I am condemning the US government’s actions in saving the likes of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and American International Group from collapse, but where are all the free marketeers screaming about “galloping socialism”?
S.Q. Marsden
Fitzroy, Vic


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