The Art of the Australian Insult

Prince Planet and
September 24, 2008, 7:13 am
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“Kevin Rudd: The Kruddster, Prince Planet
Being Australia’s PM means the nicknames pile up. At the moment the preferred moniker is Prince Planet due to Rudd’s penchant for touring the globe. One day may make an historic visit to Australia.”

Jack the Insider, in covering Kevin Rudd’s current nicknames, neglects to add Kevin747. Here Jack is on other politicians:

Brendan Nelson: The Stud
Nothing to do with the fact that he used to wear a diamond stud in his ear. Nelson ascribed the nickname to himself while studying medicine at Flinders University. Clearly he was more popular then.

Malcolm Turnbull: Truffles
A man who went from rags to riches without changing post codes.

Philip Ruddock: The Un-Dead
A man of great wit and humour. A powerful orator and man of high principle. No, wait, I was thinking about someone else.

Warren Truss: The Laundromat
Is there any more boring place to be than a laundromat? Spend some time with Warren Truss and you decide.

Bob Brown: Sludge
What you get when you mix brown and green.

Colin Barnett: The Pensioner
Came from a retirement home and went to the Premier’s office in WA.

Alan Carpenter: The Unemployed
Came from the Premier’s office and went to a retirement home in WA.

David Bartlett: Short Pants
I thought young people got off the island by the time they reached 21 years of age.

Will Hodgman: Who?
Google his name and break the internet.


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