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Asserting a leadership role
October 16, 2008, 2:03 am
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“Peter Costello writes “Australia must assert a leadership role now or it will be left out” (“We must not sow the seeds of the next crisis”, October 15). He would know all about asserting a leadership role or being left out, wouldn’t he?”

John Mahony Paddington, letter to the Sydney Morning Herald.


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“Peter holds degrees from Monash University where he was, for a time, a part-time teacher in law and economics/politics, as well as a member of the University Council. Prior to entering Parliament, he was a barrister. He was counsel in some of AustraliaÃ�¢ï¿½ï¿½ s best-known industrial disputes and was a regular advocate in National Wage cases.

Yep, a barrister for national wage cases
Yep, a barrister in industrial disputes
Yep, a teacher in economics and politics
Yep, holds a degree in economics and law.

Ummm… practicing barrister in industrial disputes and wage cases is more than text book economics. 11 federal budgets with 9 budgets having a surplus and saving 8 billion dollars in annual interest.

Wayne Swan was the toilet cleaner / toilet roll refillerupera, lid and bowl cleaner, urinal cleaner, and floor mopper. No trade, purely unskilled … and was also a art teacher for 15 students.

Hmmm, replaced a qualified finance minister with a plunger boy from the Brisbane City Council…. and put Australia into 10 Billion dollars in defecit in the first 12 months.

Companies are shutting down everywhere, people hurting, homelessness up 27%, youth suicide rate up, and Wayne Swan cannot even do a excel spreadsheet … thats right, Wayne Swan doesn’t know how to use a computer – and still cannot grasp it.

We need Peter back as soon as possible.

Comment by Henry Bafner

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