The Art of the Australian Insult

A yen for floating the yuan
October 17, 2008, 12:10 am
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Bowen shows a precocious degree of assurance at the dispatch box. He has a confident, rat-a-tat delivery that is perfectly effective, apart from his slight tendency to place the same emphasis on every word, including the word “a”, which he invariably pronounces to rhyme with “hay”.

The resultant, slightly disjointed effect is reminiscent of those automated robo-operators you get when trying to pay bills over the phone.

You know, the ones that say: “Your! Payment! Of! Forty! Eight! Dollars! And! Sixty! Five! Cents! Has! Been! Accepted!”

Annabel Crabb on Assistant Treasurer Chris Bowen, who was all ready to score a major victory over the opposition when he stuffed it up:

Bowen on advantage, you’d have to say; the Assistant Treasurer was practically airborne, about to smash one over the net and secure a crushing victory.

But all of a sudden something terrible happened.

“With the greatest of respect, can I send a memo to the Opposition: China! Has! Not! Floated! The! Yen!” Bowen concluded, in a voice dripping with maximum scorn.

Uh-oh. A pulse of time hatched and grew larger as the Assistant Treasurer’s ball thunked harmlessly into the net and dribbled away to the ballboys.

Gallingly, the first cackle of laughter came from Wilson Tuckey, who for all his many unorthodoxies at least knows that the national currency of China is the yuan, while the yen belongs to Japan.


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