The Art of the Australian Insult

A dog of a message.
November 4, 2008, 5:45 am
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“MURDOCH’s attack on welfare support for bludgers is a call for a leaner and meaner society in the service of cats that keep getting fatter and fatter. It’s a dog of a message.”

Jane Edwards, Semaphore, SA, letter to The Australian. Most responses to Murdoch’s Boyer lecture were considerably more positive; this one from an SMH reader was not:

“It is bizarre that Rupert Murdoch was chosen to present the Boyer lectures (“On bludging, a republic and the public education scandal”, November 3). Here is a man whose claims to fame are that he owns the most biased and bullying TV talk shows in the US and some of the sleaziest newspapers in the world, that he chose his business interests over human rights in China, that he chose not to pay tax in the Australia he says he loves, that he was a climate change sceptic until yesterday and that he used his power to promote the tragic adventure in Iraq.

Surely Australia must have thousands of intelligent, ethical achievers from whom a better choice could have been made.”

Ann Marshall, Holgate


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