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You get the government you deserve
November 14, 2008, 3:24 am
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Several Daily Telegraph readers express strong feelings about the state of New South Wales and its beleaguered Labor government in today’s paper. “There is no doubt that the NSW government is a shot duck at the next election and deservedly so,” writes Greg Ryan of Maroubra. Other contributors argue that the electorate only have themselves to blame.

“It’s hard to have any sympathy for the voters of NSW because they re-elected a government which was obviously the worst in NSW history,” writes Mick Whybrow of Birkdale in Queensland, while Jennie Morris of Wollongong echoes his sentiments: “The people of NSW have had 13 years in which to sack an increasingly  incompetent Labor Goverment but have instead chosen to believe the spin doctors who appealed to their hip pockets.” 

Bruce of Hornsby is cynical about the possibility of change:

“Let’s put Barry O’Farrell into office right away – we will all have a seat on the train, we will all have a space on the road, we will all have a bed in hospital and somewhere for our kids to be educated. Dream away Australia – if you want to live in Utopia then you have to pay more taxes.”

Tom Daily of Green Point argues that there is a strategy behind the State Government’s plan to cut funding to road upgrades: “By cutting funding on the Pacific Highway upgrade, the brilliant minds are planning to slow down the exodus of those anxious to move to Queensland.”


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