The Art of the Australian Insult

Peruvians offended by poncho mockery
November 26, 2008, 1:52 am
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I DEEPLY regret the frivolous and offensive coverage by The Australian of the outfit warn by the APEC leaders in the official photograph after their summit in Lima which overshadowed the importance of the meeting and the strong and clear message of the 21 APEC economies at the time the world faces the most serious financial and economic crisis in recent history (“Ponchos drop like spud bags”, 25/11). I will not open a controversy regarding the ponchos made of Peruvian baby alpaca, one of the finest natural fibres in the world, as is recognised in Australia. We may or may not like the poncho, but I doubt that this is the best way to approach a country which deserves respect and that is proud of its millenary history and culture.

Claudio de la Puente
Ambassador of Peru

The Ambassador’s remarks triggered a lively discussion in the comments section:

“Well as we have a mish mash of short term selective history and no national dress other than flip flops and blue singlets with beer logos on them, our comments of spud bags should be seen as tongue in cheek by the ignorant and uneducated and not worthy of publication. We are not a cultured people of any originality but rather a sheeplike follower of cultures and customs stemming from elsewhere and highlighted in the media.” Asianplumb.

“Claudio what more can you expect from a small nation merely 200 hundred years old established as a colony for murders and rapists? You can talk of Australia as a nation, and as a people but there is no culture. Actually, there is culture but its been imported.” Jim.

“Come on Claudio, the poncho looks every bit as dumb as a driz-a-bone.” Ken.


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