The Art of the Australian Insult

Our sporting PRATs
January 31, 2009, 3:07 am
Filed under: Sport

“It’s time to ‘fess up to our love of garbled grammar and strangled syntax – which is not just funny, but far preferable to all the bland PR-isms that are becoming increasingly common. In particular, it’s time to acknowledge how much we loved to hear Matthew Hayden talking up Matthew Hayden.

Sure, these competitors with a penchant for the third person may be arrogant, immature and unhinged, but since when have we wanted sports stars who are sane?”

Sacha Molitorisz reflects on the phenomenon of sports stars who refer to themselves in the third person: “People Referring Autobiographically in the Third Person, or PRATPs. (As an acronym, it’s a mouthful. Let’s lose the second “P”.) He’s convinced that PRATs are better at sport, and that the practice should be encouraged:

“It is here that our sports development programs are failing us. It’s all very well for coaches and trainers to focus on talent, technique and mental fortitude, but where is the emphasis on grammar? On the turns of phrase that precipitate sporting glory?

We don’t just need an Australian Institute of Sport. We need an Australian Institute of Pronouns for Sporting Greatness.”


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