The Art of the Australian Insult

The Lord and His mysterious ways

“God’s will be done. If it is God’s will that he should stay and remain a thorn in our side, then so be it. But I’d find that hard to understand.”

Reverend Fred Nile, who has urged supporters of the Christian Democratic Party to pray for the removal of Reverend Gordon Moyes. Dr Moyes says that Revered Nile is anti-gay, anti-Muslim and indifferent to the problem of climate change. He also says the Reverend Nile, at 74, is too old (he himself is a sprightly 70).


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Reverend Fred Nile is neither anti-gay nor anti-Muslim. Reverend Fred is a very positive person who promotes traditional marriage and family life and who in line with public opinion wants to preserve Australia as a Christian Nation.
Having been granted a Parliamentary seat on the basis of his promises of loyalty to the Christian Democratic Party and its leader, Rev Dr Gordon Moyes has appointed himself the principal critic of Fred Nile and CDP. Gordon should now resign from Parliament and from CDP in accordance with the wish of the great majority of CDP members and supporters. Gordon has for too long exploited the Christian forbearance of CDP, knowing that any other party would long ago have defenestrated him.
Gentle readers, when you encounter Gordon Moyes, the question to ask is: “Why have you not resigned?”

Comment by Michael Darby

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