The Art of the Australian Insult

Lazy, unelectable, disloyal…I could go on
February 23, 2009, 7:11 am
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“It was just another example of your disloyalty to the party and of your willingness to destabilise in pursuit of your personal, unattainable ambition.”

Moreover, all the polling that I have ever seen or heard of – Liberal or Labor – has had you as unelectable. This should be enough to convince you but, if not, then you should have an honest look at yourself. You are bone lazy…
I also doubt you have the skills, experience or self-confidence to have accepted the obvious job after losing the last election, namely shadow treasurer. You’d be lost without Treasury. You may have delivered 11 budgets but ask yourself honestly how many of them were actually yours, rather than Treasury’s.”

You should also recognise that your indulgent “memoirs”, released recently, did not provide the platform from which you had obviously hoped to be drafted. They were received with a yawn. They were being sold at a discount in my local bookstore in just a few days.”

Former leader of the Liberal Party, John Hewson, launches an extraordinarily vicious attack on the man once widely expected to replace John Howard at the helm, Peter Costello. In response, Janet Albrechtsen of The Australian hit out at Hewson by parodying him:

“John. Enough is enough. If your few remaining mates won’t tell you, I will. You’ve had a fair go and you fluffed it, remember. Having gone down in Liberal Party history as a failed political leader, you lack a certain gravitas, not to mention credibility, to now tell the party how to get its house in order so it can win the next election. But, John, just between us girls, we know that helping the Liberal Party was not your real intent was it?”


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