The Art of the Australian Insult

Cheap and Nasty
February 25, 2009, 2:01 am
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Two responses to the diabolical TV show otherwise known as Australia’s version of Ladette to Lady:

“Using the terms intelligent and pole dancing in describing the same person is a con. I may be female, feminist and 50, but I know suckers when I see them. Women, young and old, who believe that behaving like the worst of the lads is liberation and freedom are in for a rude shock when wisdom kicks in.

Raunch is not a product of feminism. But it is all about “product”. If women are ever to be more than commodities in their own eyes or the eyes of men, they would do well to defy the pressures from marketers and image makers who prey on them from the cradle to … well, about 50.”

Mhairi Fraser Goulburn

“However, I suggest the behaviour of both the ladettes and the ladies are contrivances of talentless television directors who set out to fashion the actors into caricatures in order to sell a cheap and nasty program.”

Brian O’Donnell Burradoo


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One of them seems to have a brain, been following this show as this girl is my neighbours relative

Comment by Jo Boulder

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