The Art of the Australian Insult

We haven’t grown up
March 27, 2009, 4:51 am
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Two responses to Kevin Rudd’s visit to Barack Obama in Washington, in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Australian PMs should be banned by law from going to Washington (“New best friends have a great meeting of the minds”, March 26). It doesn’t matter which side of politics. All the obsequious forelock-tugging from our side and the condescending head-patting from theirs is sickening. It makes us look foolish and it’s embarrassing. It seems as if we haven’t grown up from the colony we were; we’ve just changed our masters.”

Gordon Drennan Burton (SA)

“President Tinkerbell tells the world that everything will be OK if only we believe that he will take away all the bad and only leave the good, and that all our debts can be solved by just printing magic money. Doesn’t really sound like a long-term plan, does it?”

Glenn Meeves Kings Park

And one in The Australian:

“Praise of Kevin Rudd’s handling of the financial crisis by US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is like Eddie the Eagle praising Rudd’s skiing.”
Rod Bates
Beckley, West Virginia, US


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