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Making a meal of Kevin Rude’s outburst
April 6, 2009, 5:04 am
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“Bullying behaviour by the Prime Minister in particular towards a female member of our serving defence force is totally unacceptable. The kind of bullying that reduced her to tears and ended up in an incident report being filed … would not be accepted in any workplace across Australia. It reflects very badly on him.”

Julie Bishop to ABC television. Joe Hockey said that the Prime Minister’s press secretary had lied to Australians. “What was more alarming out of that entire incident, not just going off the handle at the RAAF staff, but the fact his office was lying to the Australian people about what actually happened. This illustrates a pattern of behaviour out of his office that they are prepared to mislead the Australian people as to the truth of the matter.”

“He’s been quite appropriately nicknamed Kevin Rude … as a result of this episode,” said Opposition frontbencher Senator Nick Minchin.

“Those of us who work and live in Parliament House have known for years there’s two sides to Kevin Rudd, and that behind closed doors he’s prone to temper tantrums and this sort of belittling and very bad behaviour with his own staff. For him to reduce a 23-year-old air hostess to tears because of a temper tantrum over his meal is completely and utterly unforgivable. I think Australians are now seeing gradually another side to the bloke they elected Prime Minister 18 months ago.”


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Come on: Rudd is just a bully who has a problem with women. And they always lie to the media, or get the media to lie for them.

Look how the Americans/Brits are starting to ridicule him for example:

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