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NSW rotten to the core
August 20, 2008, 4:33 am
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“The governments in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland are pretty clean governments but NSW has never got over the rum rebellion. NSW is very tribal and you have a mates culture in NSW that does not belong in any other state, which leads to an acceptance of sanctified corruption.”

Ken Phillips, director of the work reform unit at the Institute of Public Affairs.


A banal bunch of charlatans
August 18, 2008, 2:35 am
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Serial writer of letters to the editor, David Ingram of Randwick, is at it again in the Sun-Herald of August 17 2008.

“I am totally convinced that, no matter how any letters may be written to newspapers by disgruntled readers, no matter how many protests and confrontations may be staged – even criticism from its own parliamentary party members and from its own state headquarters – this incompetent NSW government takes no notice.

In fatc, it seems to rejoice in maladministration and, as it headsinot its final few years of office before it is unceremoniously kicked out into political oblivion for time immemorial, let’s hope the damage they inflict between now and then is only minimal.

This banal bunch of charlatans will go down in history as the worst, most abominable administration ever inflicted on an Australian electorate.”


More criticism comes from the readers of the Daily Telegraph, responding to news of Michael Costa’s run-in with a ten year old girl who complained about wages for firefighters. Costa had declared that NSW firefighters were amongst the best paid in the country; the girl piped up: “Excuse me sir, I’m only 10 years old and even I know that is a lie!”


“This is Labor. Not listening to your constituents, holding the belief that you know better, and doing whatever the hell you like.” Patrick Ellis, Paramatta.


“What is it about Michael Costa – anybody else who behaves in this boorish and thuggish manner would get the sack. Yet Morris Iemma lets him get away with it. Mr Costa is a sick joke and it’s time for him to go.” Paul Garrett, Lewisham.


“Like Mr Iemma, everything Mr Costa is involved in is also stuffed up and the sooner NSW voters see the back of these clowns and their fellow Labor ministers the better. NSW Labor – rotten to the core.” Robert Scott, Sydney.


Joe Hildebrand asked a very valid question:

“Yesterday we reported that Michael Costa had had a confrontation with a 10 year old girl over the issue of firefighters’ wage increases. Not surprisingly, everyone seemed to take the little girl’s side, but I ask you: If the Devil were to come to Earth, which one do you think he’d dress up as?”

Jurassic Park meets Tales from the Crypt

“It paled a bit beside the world youth jamboree, but the thrilling news was that Labor’s elder statesmen have entered the fray. Graham “Whatever-it-takes” Richardson has reportedly joined the anti-Iemma forces. Barrie Unsworth is rounding up such giants of the past as John McBean and Michael Easson to support the Premier. This is not politics. It’s Jurassic Park.” 

Mike Carlton. Earlier, Joe Weller had written to the SMH with a similar point:

“Forget about the stars of the show at Iguanas Waterfront; when Graham Richardson is allowed to emerge from the crypt and walk with the politically still living, you know that the ALP has a problem. It is called relevance.”

Talentless dickheads and bad jokes down the gurgler
July 14, 2008, 2:29 am
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Just another day in NSW politics:

“I must be one of those talentless dickheads. I have been reluctant to talk publicly but this debate has to be about the party, not personalities. If we don’t we don’t do something now, things will spiral out of control.”

Labor MP Gerard Martin responds to comments by Michael Costa.


“When I heard Karl Bitar had been promoted to general secretary, I thought it was a joke. It’s turned out to be a bad joke.”

Michael Costa. He and Bitar called one another “fuckwits” at the NSW ALP conference in May.


“Politics is about taking people with you and he’s doing that all right. He’s taking his MPs right down the gurgler and they know that.”

Lisa Carty in the Sun-Herald on Morris Iemma.

We’re not getting meaner, we’re just stressed
July 4, 2008, 3:30 am
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“People aren’t just growing meaner, we’re getting worn down by traffic congestion, crowding, petrol prices, poor services and a whole range of issues. And what appears to be a spontaneous outburst actually involves a build-up of extreme frustration or anger.”

James Arvanitakis of the University of Western Sydney comments on the increase of glassing assaults in NSW.