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Not the most deserving cause
February 4, 2009, 12:42 am
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Not everyone thinks that elite sport is deserving of vast mountains of government money:

“Despite what John Coates says, there is no evidence that more public money for elite sport provides “enormous cultural, role model and health spin-offs” (“Medal push: sport chiefs want extra $100m a year”, February 2), unless you count orgies of kitsch at Olympic Games opening ceremonies; “role models” who assault people, chase kiddies who spring them smoking and take drugs; and a generation of obese couch potatoes who don’t play sport because they are not “winners”. What professional sport does provide is nice jobs for people like Coates, and huge amounts of money for a small number of athletes.

It is a business, and governments have no business subsidising it. There are any number of other things more deserving of funding, such as health, education, the arts and rescuing the Murray-Darling Basin.”

Kim Sanders Dulwich Hill, letter to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Morris Iemma, Marie Antoinette fan
August 27, 2008, 1:26 am
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“This guy and his rotten cronies need to be kicked out.” Daniel Taylor, Westmead.

“No money for hospitals, no money to improve the disgraceful condition of some of our schools, no money to give a decent increase in wages fpr nurses, firemen, ambulance officers or police. Why can’t the money Morris Iemma wants to waste on sport be used in these areas? Mr Iemma and his inept Labor colleagues now have a new catchphrase, “Give them sport”. (He must be a fan of Marie Antoinette.)” Lyn Grace, Artarmon.

Daily Telegraph readers who respond negatively to the announcement by Morris Iemma that lottery funding would go to elite sport.