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Nauseating chitchat
July 31, 2008, 3:11 am
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“All of a sudden, news programs feel the need to engage in that nauseating chitchat between segments. When Sandra Sully turns to the Sports Tonight host Brad McEwan, I cringe. I cower. I put my head beneath the sheets. It is so embarrassing watching them trying to carry on a brief conversation that I almost switch off. Channel Ten’s late news producers are obviously trying to emulate the camaraderie between Mel and Kochie on Sunrise. But you wonder if Sandra and Brad can even stand being in the same room as one another. She smiles, all gleaming professionalism, while he looks like a shy schoolboy talking to his headmistress. Both look like rabbits in a spotlight.”

Sydney Morning Herald reader Poppy Bourne finds all that on-screen cameraderie faintly embarrassing.

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Brad McEwen and Sandra Sully are the funniest people on TV. Every night Sports tonight is my comedy highlight. Brad does his play of the day comment, Sandra does the inappropriate pause with deer-in-headlights stare while Brad shifts uncomfortably. Eventually they say something awkward a with stutters, partially banter over eachother and try unconvincingly to laugh it off. Could not write the script – They look soooo uncomftorble and also look like they hate eachother. It is comedy gold and it still goes on after months!

Comment by mikeylives

wow… how we have differing views… I thoroughly enjoy watching Sandra and Brad, they are why I tune in to Ten even when I’ve seen the days news; a smile on my lips before I sleep. :-))

Comment by Belle412

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